Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
This time last week, I was in Texas, so no fragmenting for me... but its a new week & sadly (...sniff ....) I'm not in Texas, but back home - so let's Frag away!

*No one really tells you that running makes your feet just hideous ugly!  Between the blisters, calluses & now, my purple toe nail that I'm scared to death is going to FALL OFF... feet are ALL jacked up!  Getting in shape & healthy is HARD on a body... how messed up is that?

*I'm totally gagging right now... I typed in Google "Purple Toenail"... & OH MY... the pictures that came up... DONT DO IT... I know you now want to go type it in & see what comes up under images... Trust me, your friendly blogger, Rebecca Jo - you DONT want to do that... If you're not listening to me & you do it anyways - check out the botton left picture on the bottom... OK, dry heaves are coming again...
*I am on a new mission to clean & throw stuff out!  I feel like my house has become a place like on the shows on Hoarding... NO - that's not a REAL picture of my home - its not anywhere close to being that bad, but in my mind & when I'm cleaning, it feels like it sometimes.  I've already got 3 hugs bags packed & ready for the next trip to Goodwill...the drawers in the kitchen will be what will drive me insane... but I'm at the point where I feel like walls are closing in - so this will be a challenge for me over the next few MONTHS... I have learned to hate clutter...

*I was going to run in a 5k at our local zoo tomorrow... love the zoo... love animals... but I'm loving the idea of SLEEP more!  I havent really slept in for-EVER it seem...Its supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I think I'm going to snooze in & then just get in 5 MILES on my own... much better then the 5k... & lets see if another toe nail turns purple!  (Can you tell I'm obsessed about my purple toenail?).... watch - I'll wake up like at 7 am anyways...

*This years Survivor Heroes vs. Villians has been the BEST Survivor EVER... seriously - I have jumped & cheered & fist bumped Ricky  more time during this season then I ever have!  I think Russell is a demon in disguise though...How in the world does he manipulate people so easily?  Its amazing to watch.... Who are you rooting for to win?

*LOST... do you see this picture...then you know I cant talk about it... I havent cried like that about a TV show since George died on "Grey's Anatomy"...

*I have discovered EDAMAME... anyone else eat those little things?  I found a bag that said they were 70% less fat & 40% more proten then Peanuts... so I gave them a go... they're really not bad.  That may be the healthiest bit of food I've ever eaten since I dont care for veggies that much...

*I'll spare you anymore grandbaby pictures today... BUT I'll give you a video instead!  HAHA - I'm sneaky!  I love where Ricky picks him up by his arm because the waves came in really fast... & sorry for my screaming & laughing... You'd think it was a tsunami coming in the way I was reacting... but being dramatic is a spiritual gift I have...

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I plan to watch Survivor this morning. I agree this has been one of the most nail biting seasons ever.

  2. I can't figure out why everyone listens to Russell either. Weird. I just wish they'd cut down on the foul language a little. It seems worse this season for some reason.

    Love the video of your grandson. Adorable.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE edamame!!!!! We get those ALL the time when we have sushi!!!

  4. That episode of Lost was a tough husband and I were stunned.

  5. The video was too cute!! Kids are so funny...and your squealing only adds to it! :-)

  6. oh yes Lost! i cried so hard! i'm probably going to cry no matter how it ends just for the fact that it will all be over.

  7. First, I LOVE the video! Too cute (both of them)!

    Ok...Lost - Oy! I have this set to record each week just in case something comes up. So, I watched with one eye cocked while I caught up on stuff on the computer. Thus, I missed the gist of the show, although I did see the sad ending. So, after the kids went to bed, I watched it AGAIN! Oh gosh, but the sadness was magnified! All I could think of was that poor little girl...without both parents! And poor Sayid!! Ugh! They'll probably kill off everyone just for the fun of it!

    Ok, now Survivor.

    Have you noticed Russell's eyes? Don't they creep you out? And the way he climbed up that board in the second immunity challenge? Like he was a troll or something.






    I am rooting for Colby to somehow win. He's not been very good this year, but I still love him. Either him or Rupert.

    Parvati needs to GO, GO, GO. Her smile makes me want to throw up.

    You know, though, I wouldn't mind if Sandra won too. She's really not that bad.

    Oh well. If you hear hollering on Thursday nights, it's coming from Florida. LOL

  8. I loved the video--so sweet!

    I also love edamame, with pasta and a little butter. I also like it in a black bean thing that we eat with tortilla chips. yum

  9. I loved your post but most of it was not clear to me.
    I have never watched Survivor.
    What George died? When??
    I don't know what edamame is. But I guess food?
    Happy Mother's Day.

  10. I am loving this Survivor..I do not even know who I want to win..maybe Colby..Russell is such a jerk..
    The video was adorable and makes me think in 5 weeks I will be at the beach with my 11 grand kids! Happy Friday and Happy Mother's day!

  11. I used to watch both Survivor and LOST religiously but I am WAY behind now. Maybe I'll catch up tomorrow.

  12. I don't know what I'm going to do when Lost is over. Part of me thinks Jin and Sun will come back in the final episode. Who knows?

    I once lost all the toenails on my left foot after playing a lot of volleyball one summer. I just painted over the skin! Good luck with your purple toenail! Maybe you could paint your other toenails purple so they'll match...

  13. Oh gosh I hope your toenail doesn't fall off!

    Good luck with your clearout. I've been slowly trying to clean out my husbands closets. The man has more clothes than most women I know and he doesn't even wear 1/4 of them! It stressed me out a little because we're in such a tiny apartment and the space could be put to better use!

  14. I'm late in commenting on this but I LOVE that video! That is so cute and hilarious!!! :)

  15. I am really enjoying Survivor as well. I kinda am rooting for Russell because I felt he deserved to win last time. But I guess that's what happens when you burn every bridge.

  16. Major tears for Sun and Jin :*(

    LOVE that video. So cute!

  17. i haven't gotten into lost.. maybe one day i will.

    as for this

    *I have discovered EDAMAME... anyone else eat those little things? I found a bag that said they were 70% less fat & 40% more proten then Peanuts... so I gave them a go... they're really not bad. That may be the healthiest bit of food I've ever eaten since I dont care for veggies that much...

    i LOVE edamame. probably one of my favorite snacks. yuuum!

  18. I love edamame! I like them dried, fresh, still in the pod, etc.....YUM.
    I HATE feet so there will be no googling going on here!
    I stopped by from Friday Fragments!


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