Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its Friday - & not just ANY Friday - but the Friday before a 3 day weekend!  Who knew one extra day off work could stir so much excitement?  Let's turn that excitement into some fragging... shall we?

*I was drifting off to bed the other night & saw a flash of a light in the other room... it freaked me out, but then thought it was my imagination.  As I was drifting off again, I saw it... & not only did I see it, the dogs saw it & they started barking like a man was standing in the living room with a flashlight & a huge knife ready to slit my throat!!! I get up, do my best spy move along the wall to peek into the room... & what do I see?  A lightning bug!!!!!  The dogs barking must have scared him because his light was flashing like a strobe light... whew... little buggers almost gave me a heart attack!

*I had this argument with a coworker this week... UNCOVER BOSS on CBS... I've never seen it, but have heard people talk about it. The idea that the owner of a company acts like the "normal" people & he sees how they work & hears their stories.  Sorry - I'm skeptical.  I mean, how are these people going to tell their family history & life stories to someone who just starts a job?  I have been at my job for 18 years & I still have things about my life my co-workers dont know about me.. And not only one person - but a FEW tell their heart breaking stories?  Just dont know if I'm buying into it...

*Dont even get me started on that 2 yr old that is a chain smoker!  Has everyone seen the video?  Its everywhere.. I sit with my mouth dropped every time I see it.  The parents say he gets upset if they dont give him the cigarettes... wow... just wow...

*I cant handle this Oil Spill stuff ... it just breaks my heart!  I mean, I'm the person who is trying to save a sunflower - no joke!  My dad plants me some sunflowers every year.  Buffy, our yellow lab, was chasing a bug (hey - wonder if that was my lightning bug that broke into the house!) & trampled over one of the sunflowers that was just blooming.  I have taken it inside & put it in water & trying to revive it to plant it again.  One flower broken makes me sad... I'm the girl that CRIED when our neighbor cut down some of our tress (he thought they were on his property) ... destroying nature makes me so sad... & now, pictures are coming in of ocean life dying & oil on the shores.... somebody, FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!

*OK - dont yell at me please... I cant help it.... I watched the interview with Jesse James on Nightline.. & I ended up feeling bad for the guy!  DONT YELL AT ME!!!!   I think when they said, "he's just a man in need of redemption" - I was like - OUCH!  Who isnt in need of that?  I dont think he can make ANY excuse for what he did to his wife - dont think I feel that way - but I do think he's a man who's messed up, made some horrible decisions, has had a hard life, & regrets what he's done.  It kills me to see a man cry anyways & when he got choked up, I took him off my "most hated list"... Jon Gosselin, Vienna & Miley Cyrus are still on it though :)

*FINALE WEEK!!!!!  Dancing with the Stars had Nicole taking the deserved mirror ball trophy.  LOST has blown my mind!  Biggest Loser had Michael standing under the confetti shower.  American Idol had some guy who beat the girl everyone thought would win from day one.  Bret Michael almost risked strokes twice to be on TV with Celebrity Apprenctice & American Idol... its been a fun week!  Did you watch any of the finales?  Who was your favorite winner of all the shows?  Thank God Bret Michael didnt show up on Dancing with the Stars!  I'm so worried he's going to stroke out any minute anyways - that's all he would need to do, a lively jive!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday... & enjoy that long weekend!!!!  SLEEEPPPPP!!!! YIPEE!!!


  1. RJ,
    You've made me smile =) yet again with your Friday Fragments. And believe me girl, I NEEDED IT!!! Rough few days.


    Favorite finale of the week was American Idol. I didn't think that Lee would win, but I SO wanted him to. He is so humble and sweet and needed a break. And now he got one, A BIG ONE!! I was so happy for him.

    Lost is still like huh? to me. And my hubby watches 24 and said "Now that's the way to end a show!!" YAY!!! At least somebody got it right, stinkin' Lost. Anyway.... =)

    Love you girl ~~ have a Beautiful and Blessed 3-day weekend ~~ WOOHOO!!!

  2. I'm not going to yell at you about Jesse James. I've read the interviews and such (but forgot about Nightline!). I really think he's truly sorry. Not that he got caught, but that he did it in the first place.

    I'm sad that BL is over. Glad that Michael won (do you think he's got something going on with Ashley?? I do.)

    Bret Michaels - Have mercy. I really hope he's ok.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. You know what is funny? Because I stay home with my daughter, and my husband is self employed....I didn't even realize it was a three day weekend until I read this. lol

    I grew up in Pensacola Florida. Everytime I watch that oil moving toward the beautiful white and emerald beaches that I love I feel sick....and angry.

    The chain smoker? I just want to slap his parent's upside the head and ask them "if he cried because you wouldn't let him try flying by jumping off the roof, would you let him? How about sticking his head in the oven?" They are the parents and it is time for them to break this habit!

    That Undercover Boss show...I haven't seen it either, but I'm with you. It sounds a little fishy to me.

    The whole time I was watching CA, I was holding my breath. I kept trying to see if they had paramedics there just in case. He had me totally stressing out.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I'm interested in watching the Jesse James interview to see how I feel about it. I think I had so much anger towards him because I went through that last summer. I automatically put him in the "Scum Bucket" and refused to see it any other way. But true, he does need redemption. And so does my ex. I never could tell if he was sorry for being caught or sorry for what he did. All I know is that they caused so much pain to those who loved them.

    Those are my crazy fragmented Friday thoughts! LOL

    Happy 3 day weekend!!! xoxo

  5. I enjoyed your FFs. I am so hopping mad about the BP spill it makes me crazy! I am like you but over the top when it comes to ocean wildlife. I am a die hard WHALE HUGGER!

    Re. the chain smoking 2 year old. SERIOUSLY? Don't get me started on that one either.

  6. Tee hee ... you are a stitch, lady. Pardon the pun!

    Ya know, I suffered through a divorce due to infidelity (among other things)so by my scars, I'd love to just kick Jesse James all the way down the street myself. It's an unimaginable pain to be betrayed in that fashion by someone who's pledged their life and love to you. But - you are exactly right. I don't know how much I believe his abuse story ... It seems like anyone famous who gets caught doing something dispicable starts blubbering and says "BUT I WAS ABUSED!" ... but none of us are without sin. Touche', girl.

    Have a great weekend :))

  7. I could not BELIEVE IT that Michael won the Biggest Loser!! AMAZING!

    And a baby chain smoker? Ummm, what happened to a parent saying "no". How did I miss this?

    OH! And I sent your package yesterday priority mail, so you should see it Saturday? Monday at the latest. : )

  8. I LOVE lightning bugs!!!

    We saw the finale of LOST and were lost...ugh. I still dont get it. But I thought the finale of Greys Anatomy was awesome.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  9. I've never seen a lightning bug. How funny!

    Undercover Boss is actually an interesting show. I've seen it a few times. But I agree, I wouldn't be divulging my entire life story to someone I had just met.

    The baby smoking? DISGUSTING! How does a 2 year old even KNOW about smoking or HOW to do it? Jeez! So sad!

    The oil spill is HORRIBLE. Again, so so sad!!

    I didn't see the Jesse James interview and but I want to hate him but at the same time I think him and Sandra were so perfect together and everyone makes mistakes...I don't know. Just sad all around.

    Out of the shows you listed I only watch DWTS. I liked both Nicole and Evan so I would've been happy with either winner.

    Have a great weekend!! =)

  10. okay so hadn't heard about the 2 year old my disgusting. so sad to see lost go.

  11. I was shocked about the two-year old smoker!! And you are right...That is the cutest grand baby over there on your sidebar!! :-D Thank you for your comment...HAPPY WEEKEND!!

  12. Never heard of the two-year-old smoker but if the parents can't say no to a kid who wants cigarettes someone else should be raising that kid before it kills him. What happens when he's 4 year old and asks for drugs? sheesh.

    As for Undercover Boss I love that show. I can believe it because the bosses Ask the employees about their life situations etc. It's amazing how much you can learn about someone if you ask. I know a lot about many of coworkers, some very personal things, and they know a lot about me. I've worked with them for about 3 and a half years. We spend a lot of time just sitting (or skating) and talking to each other about our families etc while on the job, including new recruits.

  13. It was a great week of t.v. for sure. I am glad Bret is okay.. I hope you have a nice amazing weekend.

  14. I so do NOT at all feel sad for Jesse James...he is BANKING from these "sad, sympathy" interviews.

    Sandra already asked him to stop. After all he's done he could at least respect that!!!!

    I had NOT seen the chain smoking our messed up world not surprising...TERRIBLE, but not surprising :(

    Oil sister you are preaching to the choir...try planning a wedding for August knowing that if your husband gets called to clean up the spill the whole wedding is off (which will cost thousands in deposits) hurricane season :(


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