Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project 365 - 15

So, I've missed two weeks of Project 365... but I think all the pictures I took of Isaac & Luke more then makes up for the missing 14 pictures... wouldnt you agree... but let's get back in the swing of things...

Sunday - May 9- Happy Mother's Day.... you've already seen pics of my beautiful blue momma in earlier posts - so I wanted to show the bird that is at my parents house... she's a momma too - has two baby birds in that nest... wonder what she got for Mother's Day?  Some vomited up worms... mmmm....

Monday - May 10 - What a beautiful surprise... A co worker bought all the ladies in the office for Christmas a plant that you pot & its supposed to bloom within 6 weeks... well, we are now in May, which is obviously longer then 6 weeks....we've not had any blooms... FINALLY, out of the blue, the most beautiful flower bloomed off one of the plants... it was worth it - look at how beautiful....

Tuesday - May 11 - My daddy ROCKS!!!!... The first picture is a book shelf my daddy made for me.  I've filled it up & had more books sitting on the floor.  My Dad to the rescue!  When I got home from Texas, dad had built me ANOTHER shelf on the side of the room.  He & my grandpa stopped by on Tuesday to finish up the bottom two shelves.... I've got to get them placed in because it wont be long before this baby is full as well!  Aint nothing my daddy cant make!

Wednesday - May 12 - Proof I'm a runner.... yep, that's my real big toe nail... turning more purple with each & every day.  I keep hearing I'm going to loose it & the nail will fall off... I think I'll puke when that happens...

Thursday - May 13 - Its getting HOT in here... See that temperature?  It was getting mighty muggy in this house.  Ricky's determined not to turn the AC on - but the DOGS were getting hot, so he went ahead & turned it on... (NOTE - as of today, the AC actually broke... so it's probably going to get really warm in here over the next week... sigh...)

Friday - May 14 - Senior Performance... I got to go see my buddy, Carly Sue, perform in her final Choral Performance in high school.  She will be graduating in a few weeks... I sat in awe at her beautiful voice & just couldnt believe she's grown up... I remember her as a little tike when I met her in church.  Where does the time go?

Saturday - May 15 - A lazy, sniffly day... My head is still stopped up & I cant breath.  I wanted to run, but you need to be able to BREATH to do that... its all just made me tired & lazy today... so I pretty much sat on the front porch & then started a puzzle in the kitchen... I sat there for 80% of the day, keeping close to me all the things I need - my Diet Coke & Kleenex for my faucet of a nose... I dont think I've worked a puzzle in forever... it was quite fun actually... still have to finish it - its 750 pieces.  But its a Disney "love" puzzle so that's medicine to put a smile on my face anyways.

I'm anxious to get around to all you 365'ers & see how your week went...

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  1. Yeah 365 is back!!! I'm so happy!! I have been getting pics printed for Dak's Junior Year Scrapbook. Why did I wait until the end of the school year to get started. Oh boy!! But what a fun summer project huh?

    Have a Blessed Lord's day friend,

  2. Aren't Daddies wonderful? And daddies who can make furniture are even better! We wouldn't have half of the furniture in our house if it weren't for my Daddy! :D

  3. My big toe looks like that too. But I don't know how I did it. It did not fall off.

  4. Wow, your dad does beautiful work! I was just talking to someone tonight about doing jigsaw puzzles. I might have to get one out soon.

  5. Very inspired by your blog & look forward to following!! :-D

    ~ Marlie

  6. Oh...and I love the book, "Bad Girls of The Bible"!! :-D

  7. your daddy is very talented!!! Can he come to my house?!

    yuck/ouch on the toe.

    We do a puzzle every Christmas. We start it in the beginning of december and leave it out till it is done...very fun!!!

  8. Beautiful bookcases! That's actually the first "real" furniture I want to invest in...wish I knew someone who could make them for me!

    I want to get a puzzle to do soon. Find it a great thing to do while listening to an audio book (I do them online now, but that's not quite as fun).

  9. Glad you're back!
    Amazing shelves!! Do you loan him (your Daddy) out?
    Your poor toe!
    The flower is gorgeous!
    Sorry you didn't feel well. If I didn't feel well, a puzzle would make it worse for me! :)
    Have a super week!!


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