Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365-17

Another week gone by already?  Wow... glad I take pictures so I have proof that it actually did happen because its going so fast!  I mean, we're REALLY getting ready to go into June?  Half a year almost down?  Wow... But, without further ado - here's the last week through my lens...

Sunday - BYE BYE LOST!!.... I was so anxious for the evening that started at 7:00 & lasted until 11:30... & then when it went off, I couldnt even think about sleeping because my brain was going in a thousand different directions.  Needless to say, Monday morning came WAY too soon!

Monday - The Future!!!... I went to the twins pre-k graduation (pictures to come in a post all in itself in a few days) & we stopped by the youth trailer so mom could see all the work my brother did in there.  Sophia & Madilynn knows I teach in there, so Sophia wanted to act like her Aunt Becca... She wanted to know where I taught at & I showed her the stool I use - she got up there & was asking questions about the Bible & pointing her finger like I would do... She's going to make a great Youth Leader one day!

Tuesday - Sunglasses goes to the dogs!!!.... I came home from work & looked outside & this is what I see... My Docker sunglasses... UGH!  I am so picky about sunglasses & these were a pair I love.  I dont even know how the dogs got them because they were up on the kitchen counter!  I need to set a video camera up & see what these dogs do when we're gone during the day!

Wednesday - Smelling cotton?.... Actually, this is a game in the youth group... they have to put vaseline on their nose & dip their nose in a bunch of cotton balls.  Then run down to a bowl across the room & get the cotton off their nose, without using their hands... Its not as easy as it seems.... bored?  Give it a try!

Thursday - A storm is a brewing.... I was in Jazzercise & we noticed the wind was picking up.  I walk outside & it didnt look bad.... but I turned a corner & saw all these dark clouds coming... I LOVE storm clouds - think they are so beautiful. 

Friday - No cookies?  Gotta get proof!.... I stopped at the grocery on the way home & after buying food, I didnt feel like cooking.  Thank goodness Penn Station is next to the grocery.  But the one thing Ricky asked for - their chocolate chip cookies!  Ever had them? They are like a piece of chocolate heaven.. seriously - the best cookie EVER.  They were out though & I had to take a picture to prove to Ricky because I knew he'd be heart broken.... which he was!  The lady told me they make them fresh every day & people come in & buy like 20 at a time... I'm telling you - the BEST cookie!

Saturday - Still no AC....Its pretty warm in our house.  Today, it got up to 88 degrees - IN THE HOUSE!!!!... I pull out a Diet Coke to cool down & it instantly gets these sweat beads on it... Yeah - my forehead kinda looks like that too - but not as sparkly...

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial weekend!  Click on friends!


  1. I would DIE without my air conditioning! We didn't have it growing up, so I really enjoy it now!
    Sounds like you had a good week!

  2. Oh if our air conditioning went I think I would have to move out!! It's already in the 90's by us. Ridiculous. I don't think we even had spring!

    Sounds like you had a busy and fun week!

  3. Hope you find something fun to help you keep cool.

    Loved your recap. I love storm clouds too and we had some pretty ones this week filled with snow on their way to the mountains. Yes, I said snow! Isn't that crazy?

  4. I have never watched LOST but may have to sometime. Your poor sunglasses!
    I know youth play crazy games, but I have never heard of or seen that one! I have a cold right now, so all I can think is yucky noses in there. :)
    Bummer that they were out of cookies!
    Have a super week!!

  5. Great pics. Hope you get your air fixed soon.

  6. Gonna miss LOST. so. much.

    Ha! That cotton ball game is hilarious!! (I would have hated it as a youth, though. I was much too concerned with what others might think of me.)

    Storm clouds ARE pretty. In a really scary sort of way... ;) I like the rain...when I'm sleeping.

    88!!! That is CRAZY hot!! We're about to have a big heat wave here in Arkansas I think. I'm not excited about it.

  7. Great Pic recap!!!!!

    I love those thunderstorm clouds :)


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