Wednesday, May 26, 2010


How many of you all have graduations you are attending this time of year?

College graduations have already happened... high school graduations start next week & I'm so excited because we have some amazing, fantastic kiddos graduating this year.  (Where does the time go?  They were just little middle school kids & BLINK, they are done with high school?)... And the cutest of all, Monday, I got to see my twin nieces graduate from Pre-K.  Oh, & believe me - I've got pictures.  I just have to download & edit them... so be prepared - you'll have some more picture overload coming up in the next few days.

I remember graduating... from all the "BIG" grades.  You go into a new school building & you know you are there for a specific time.  Elementary school, I had a graduation when we made it through 5th grade - moving onto middle school.  Middle school, we had a ceremony ushering us into high school.  Then of course, the big ole high school graduation that is such a fun, memorable time of your life...some head onto college for yet ANOTHER graduation & then you can even continue for a graduation again...

You enter a new school building & you know a length of time you are going to be there... you have a goal that you are working for...

You have people cheering you on... you work hard to make it to that graduation... you put in time & thought & energy... you want nothing more then to get that diploma in your hand

I was thinking about how we KNOW when we are getting close to graduating.  But what about this life we are in... afterall, we will all one day be leaving this world... GRADUATING to the next stage in our life... Heaven Bound! 

And there will be celebration - & we'll be hearing the words "Well done good & faithful servant" & we'll feel accomplished that we made it through....are we putting in our time & thought & energy into this goal? 

Its pretty exciting really - the final, wonderful Graduation of our life...

Dont be a dropout! :)


  1. You have given me goosebumps at that thought! What a great way to look at life!

    Can't wait to see pics of the preschool graduation...Gabe's was just too precious for words ;)

  2. Very powerful words this morning, Ms. Rebecca Jo! I like it! : )

  3. Yep, graduations are so exciting. And I'm with ya girl, pushing on toward the goal of the high calling in Christ!!! Yep the ultimate graduation celebration will be in Heaven. Praise the LORD!!!!!

    Love you friend,

  4. Oh my word, LOVED this!!! Now the last one is the ultimate graduation. Far surpasses ALL the others. Love you! :)

  5. I should have known you would find a way to make a lesson out of graduating. I love it!

    I will never forget either of my graduation days.

  6. My cousins daughter (who is 16) just graduated with her AA in engineering last week.....which makes me feel proud, and a little behind in life! lol

  7. Oldest is graduating Saturday from high school and youngest graduated last night from 8th grade!! Love it!

    Oh, you have an award on my's the 2nd post up right now.

  8. And, of course, when a sinner accepts Christ, he/she "graduates," leaving behind a sentence of condemnation and horror to one of reward and joy.

    Did you ever read Frank Peretti's book This Present Darkness. Actually, I think there are three in the series. In one of the books, he paints the most beautiful picture of one of the characters (female, if I remember correctly) acknowledging her sin and accepting Jesus. Unseen to her, there were angels in a circle around her, and when she knelt down, they praised God and celebrated.

    Thanks for a lovely post and for tying together an earthly celebration with a heavenly one. This is one of your gifts...taking tangible things that we can relate to and getting us focused heaven-ward.


  9. we never had those graduating into the next step.. except preschool. other than that i don't ever remember a graduating from elementary and middle school! high school graduation was the BEST day of my life. i was finally out of there!

  10. my nephew just graduated from College this past weekend. I could not go but we do have a high school one to attend next month. How wild are those high school days for sure.. Have a great day..

  11. Good post! Such a great analogy!

    and is it bad that I totally want to go back to school, just so I can graduate again? I love graduating! Minus my kindergarten graduation, because I peed on the floor. You gotta go when you gotta go!

  12. I never thought about it like that! It IS a graduation!!!

  13. my son is having a "moving on" ceremony (from middle school) Have fun at all your events!

  14. The last graduation is certainly something to look forward to, thank you for the reminder.

  15. Great post.

    My younger brother graduated last year (I had to sneak in to watch because they weren't allowed more than two guests and my parents were both going, but I wasn't going to miss it!)

    This year, two of my younger coworkers are graduating but I won't be attending those.


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