Saturday, May 08, 2010

Six Word Saturday


This past week, its been warm - Humid even...

I went to bed in shorts & a t-shirt & with the windows open. 

A storm was coming in as I was drifting off.... & then I wake up this morning thinking, "Hmm, its cool in here"... little did I know that when I ventured out from under my Goose-down blanket, it was like the ARTIC in the room... BRR!!!!!!  I had to run & find my sweat pants & sweat shirts .... that I JUST put up this week for Spring/Summer... isnt that the way it always works...

Tonight, its supposed to get down in the 30's....

You never know what Spring is going to give you around this area...

Is it cold where you are at?  Or at your already going into Summer Heat?


  1. One of my Canadian friends had a major snow storm last night, and so did one of my friends who lives in Ohio.

    Down here in Florida, the real heat settled in yesterday....we went from nice warm spring to oppressive heat (maybe a slight exaggeration, but that is how I felt about it when I walked outside yesterday)in one day.

  2. same here Rebecca...only slightly warmer! We have a low tonight of 42 and a high of 73 today. Still too cold for me after being spoiled to 90 degree weather the past few weeks!

  3. It's been gorgeous here for days ... Lovely spring days with a hint of summer but still cool in the evenings. Yesterday we got hit with a cold front. Not arctic by any means but cooler than it has been.

  4. It's been downright hot for the past few days here in E. Tn. I woke up this morning, put on my shorts & t-shirt, and was wondering why my son had on his sweatshirt when he came in from volunteering for soccer! It's cool enough to have the windows open!

  5. I know the weather has been crazy and wild here in Texas.. I have heard that it is that way also back home.. Who knows what will happen next and if Summer will really be a nice one.. Have a great weekend.

  6. Ugh. Today it's 90 degrees already. Humid on top of that too. It's the kind of day where you get out of the shower & immediately start sweating & it goes downhill fast after that. Bleh

  7. Summer is in full-force here! I doubt we'll dip below 55 at night again before October. Yay!!! :)

  8. I knew this was bound to happen as soon as I washed and put away the winter blankets!

  9. I live in Florida, think you know the answer to this question, haha!! :)

  10. Weather can be so tricky. Just when you think it is going to be warm and sunny it gets cold and rainy! But those kinds of days make us appreciate the sunny days when they finally come huh? (:>)


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