Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ready for Part 2?

So Saturday was a BIG DAY!  I woke up to this .... seriously... he was sitting in his chair just smiling... now THATS a way to start a day!

Then we all got ready & headed to a local farmers market kinda area... & they had strawberries to pick... Isaac was all over it...

Me, Ricky & Julie with Luke stood under this massive tree & stayed in the shade... I loved this picture... I dont know - just the branches of this tree & seeing Ricky & Julie & Luke together - 3 generations - I thought it was symbolic somehow... I can have a deep mind sometimes... when I'm in humid Texas weather & I cant breath - it affects me that way! :)

Then the big event for Ricky!  It was all he wanted to do.... GO SKATING!!!!  Isaac was all about it too - he didnt even hesitate.  He saw Ricky brought his skates (yes, Ricky used his carry on luggage to take his & Isaac's skates!) & he was ready to get on the floor... no hestiation at all!

He did pretty good on the floor, but Ricky made the mistake of zooming around holding Isaac - then every time he'd set him down, he'd look up at his Pappy & say "More please" & that's all it took!  I think Isaac could say MORE PLEASE to a million dollars & Ricky would find a way to get it for him...

Me & Luke stood on the side & he just watched everyone & we would dance to the music.  He laughed the whole time...

Then we headed back to the beach... Isaac had a great time running with his daddy while Ricky & Luke stayed in the car & napped... that skating wore Pappy out!!!!  Isaac fell in the water & was soaking wet so he got stripped down once in the car... but I loved this picture because he looks like a true surfer dude... just give him a tan & he's going to automatically start saying "DUDE" all the time...

Sunday, we got ready for church & I put Luke in his chair & look at that little man learning to set up... he's so strong... I couldnt get enough of those socks too...

This is the stained glass window in the front of Julie's church.... isnt it gorgeous?  When the sun comes through it, its almost hypnotizing...

Then we were packing to go... me & Isaac played some more with the camera....

And we headed out for one last lunch... Isaac & his Pappy as we head to the airport....

No more pictures because at this point - I'm just in tears... & that's never a pretty picture... kissing those faces goodbye was just horrible... I think I could've moved down to Texas right then & there...

See now why I'm so in love?


  1. What a great trip you had! Such fun / sweet pictures! Love the one with Ricky holding Isaac on the skate floor. Adorable!

    Luke has such kissable cheeks!

    The last one of you and Isaac is so sweet!

  2. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. Those kids are the cutest things ever.... makes braving that plane flight all worth it!!!!!! :)

  4. Oh man...LOVE these pictures!!! I wish you could be closer to your loved ones. I cannot even imagine the partying that would be happening every day!!!!

  5. Those boys are TOO CUTE for words! So glad ya'll got to go visit but it stinks you live so far away!

  6. I see you made it on the plane and back and had a great time in Texas.. What a fun time and great pictures.. Yeah to you..

    have a great day.

  7. i gave you a blog award! visit my blog for the details!

  8. Oh, that happy, smiling face is sooo cute.

    We picked strawberries last weekend, too. Yum!

  9. your grandbabies are just to DIE for. aaaah that smile on the baby!? can i kidnap him for a day or two? soo jealous.


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