Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - NOTES Version

I am getting in late again... I gotta stop Monday's from running long!  But its the Semi-Finals so how can I NOT report... so tonight, I'm giving you my "notes version"... the things that stand out to me over tonight...

Erin & Maks
8:04 - "I've invested 3 months in this show - I want to invest 2 more weeks" -Maks
8:05 - "Seeing how focused Maks is makes me want it even more"
8:06 - Blue GAUCHOS never go out of style... or Maks in his sheer blue shirt
8:08 - Erin has some sort of spasm as she talks about her nerves, then looks to Maks & says "Sorry Babe"
8:09 - "Bruno just had a premature paddle" - due to the fact he held up a 10 paddle but said 9... oops!

Nicole & Derek
8:13 - Derek is hurt & cant lift his arm.  You know its bad when pretty Ken doll curses....
8:14 - Its the Argentine Tango  ...on a side note, my dog barks at the TV when another dog comes on - she's sitting up barking at them dancing the whole time... what's up with that?
8:16 - ".... you draw us deeper & deeper & deeper...." - Bruno crawling across the desk... I think he liked it
8:17 - CarrieAnn is in tears... never knew the Argentine Tango, a dance about prostitues, could bring someone to tears.
8:18 - "It was even more delicious then my grandmother's apple pie" - Len ... I want some of that apple pie!
8:19 - 10, 10, 10

Chad & Cheryl
8:24 - Chad was in the finals last week... "You get a clean slate this week" - Cheryl
8:25 - "BLEEEEEEEP" - Chad's a little frustrated
8:26 - "if you dont know me by now".... there's a flash back song...
8:27 - "Chad OCHO-CinncCOOO just nailed the waltz" - CarrieAnn SINGS....
8:33 - Brooke reminds everyone Chad is the ONLY semi finalists with no dance experience.... yeah, I can see that... thanks for the reminder.

Evan & Anna
8:34 - "I'm not the kind of person who really lets go"
8:34 - "What makes you happy Evan?"
8:34 - "...Coffee..."
8:35 - you wont hear me say this often - but that color on Anna is BEAUITFUL
8:36 - "Coffee for you for later" - Tom hands Evan a cup
8:37 - "that Vivality & Vivasacity"... in the most dramatic Bruno voice ever!
8:39 - 10, 9, 10... BOO on you Len - that Fox trot was adorable, fun & had everyone smiling the whole way through...

8:44 - LATIN ROUND... they have to perform a solo...

Erin & Maks
8:45 - Erin's sister talking about how insecure Erin is about her body... but I can focus on anything but that ORANGE-RED hair that is brighter then the burning bush had to have been!!!
8:46 - "Erin called the house just screaming... I didnt know what happened to her" - Erin's dad discussing the stalker that had been video taping her....
8:47 - "...she's not going to be the victim... this man is not going to stop her"
8:48 - Prince 'You got that look"... is this 80's night?
8:49 - did Maks almost just kick her in the head?  WHOOO - that was close!
8:49 - "You were the one who......" - dead air... Bruno must have let a REALLY bad word slip talking on Mak's MESS up
 - "that's what the censors earn their money for" - Tom... yep, he must have really let it slip...
8:50 - "This was a funky monkey sorta Paso Doble- I'm confused" -Len (I have to agree with Len - I didnt think it was that great)
8:52 - Maks ripping off his top again & flexing in every possible pose ... the "Lord of the Dance" pose does make me laugh though
8:52 - "Dont miss Mak's regional tour of Spartacus coming to a town near you" - Tom is awesome!

Nicole & Derek
8:58 - I love Nicole's grandmother goes by "tutu"... I may have to chance my name from Nanny to TUTU
8:59 - Shout out to my home town - LOUISVILLE KY
9:00 - A shout out from P Diddy? 
9:01 - Cha Cha to Prince's "Kiss" while she's looking VERY Prince out of Purple Rain - yep... TOTALLY 80's night!
9:03 - "You are the sexy-licious purple queen of the cha cha cha"
9:09 - "if you're having a birthday & you need someone to be a buzz kill, Len IS available"

Chad & Cheryl
9:10 - "My first words were "child, please"
9:11 - "I knew to be successful in life, sports would be my way out"
9:13 - the Samba to a song that ISNT Prince... whew
9:15 - "your chest is like mine, but I have a few more tattoos" - Len to Chad

9:16 - I see DONNIE OSMOND in the audience... swoon...
9:18 - did they just say Jake is dancing with Vienna?  Oh no - I think I threw up a little in my mouth...

Evan & Anna
9:23 - "Evan was always a very unusual child".... thanks mom
9:24 - "If someone is better then you, you have to work twice as hard to get better then them"
9:25 - the Paso to Evanscense - AWESOMENESS right there!
9:26 - Solo time for Evan in the Paso... I like the angry Evan
9:27 - HOT DANG.... look at that kiss... that Anna put that in on purpose.... us ladies know that one!
9:29 - 10, 10, 10.... OH yeah Evan.... GOLD!!!

What did you think?  Think Chad needs to go?  In love with Evan?  Rooting for Nicole?  I'd be afraid to say no to that since I know P.Diddy is on her side...he may have someone beat you up if you go against her...
Can you believe another year of dance is over with next week?  How fast this season has cha cha'ed by!


  1. Rebecca, I love that you were able to get all those quotes in!!

    I hate to say this, but Nicole really rocked out both dances. Oh my gosh!

    I loved Evan's dances, too, though. His Paso was one of the best I've seen on the show! LOVED it!!

    I liked Erin's Viennese Waltz better than the second dance, and I loved her outfit for it! She was too nervous, though. I will say that I think her story touched me more than anyone else's.

    Chad was o-kay. I think it's his time to go.

    Now, I had to laugh about your Vienna comment. As soon as I heard Tom say that she would be dancing, I KNEW you'd be hotter than Hades.

    For me, the thought of watching Kate dance put a damper on the evening. Blech. Enough of her already!

    Oh, and you know that SYTYCD will be starting up VERY soon, so we won't be without our dancing shows for long! Woo Hoo!

  2. Okay Tutu =)
    Totally lovin' Evan. What was Len thinking?!! That Fox Trot was so cute and happy, just like a Fox Trot should be. And his Paso was AMAZING!!! I thought his solo was the most relevant to the dance he was doing. FANATASTIC!!

    I also like Nicole, but Evan is my favorite.

    Have a Beautiful day friend,

  3. I think Chad may be out.. I know it went so fast.. But I loved it.. It is now time to watch Ali find love..

  4. Oh my lord this dancing with stars thing is everywhere! I need to try and watch it sometime.

  5. Evan's paso was breathtaking - (now I sound like Carrie - what is up with that crying after Nicole's dance - it seemed weird) -- I guess I also appreciate his awkwardness (reminds me of myself ;-) )

  6. I'm so sad that Chad went home - I love him so! But, I'm glad you put his Child, please quote up there - so funny!

    I read in a magazine today that Vienna's spending habits are putting a strain on her's and Jake's relationship...you think?

    Also, I looked through the guys for the Bachelorette - I sure hope they look better in real life than in the photos!

  7. I think it's going to be between Nicole and Evan. Love them both. I like Erin but not as much. And I knew Chad would be the one to go this week. While he had gotten better he wasn't up there with the rest.

    I can't believe it's already almost over too.

    Oh and yeah. What's that about Jake and Vienna? I think I might puke too. Blech!!


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