Monday, May 24, 2010

Splits all over the place...

This is it... the moment I live for... the FINALS of Dancing with the Stars... It takes a lot of fringe & sparkle & listening to Bruno making up words & phrases to get to this point... & we've all watched & survived the weeks Kate Gosselin was on... so lets get to it!

8:00 - "10 weeks of competition & it comes down to this - its the finals" - well said stars!!!!, well said...

8:01 - there's the "head band singer"... I want to know more about her & why she wears those every week. 

8:03 - Bruno stops to visit Erin to give her some confidence

8:04 - "So much better... look at your A**... look at that A**" - Bruno has such a way of words....

8:05 - Samba ends with both smooching up to the judges - literally, on Len's head...

8:12 - "Bruno was supposed to teach me how to walk in heels..."

8:13 - Len giving advice to Evan on where to find "moments" with Anna & not focus so much on the next move...

8:14 - "Piano Man" ... all I can think about is on Glee with Neil Patrick Harris & Matthew Morrison singing it - amazing harmonies....

8:15 - Evan doing the Vienesse waltz looked like Prince Charming in a ballroom..... So beautiful!

8:16 - "It was a beautiful, enchanting dream"

8:17 - NEW MOON movie Clip ****Squeeling like a little girl******

8:22 - "Carrie Ann was just giving Nicole permission to let go & not worry so much on technique"

8:23 - I hate people that can do the splits... hate them even more when they do it so smoothly like it didnt just hurt & ache in every fiber of their being...

8:23 - add to that people who can do the splits, while standing on one leg... I'd be in traction

8:24 - what the heck!  That move looks like its something out of Cirque De Soile.... her legs were literally wrapped around him, but she was HORTIZONAL... let's just defy all laws of science....

8:25 - Carrie Ann is knit-picking & saying there is a "LIFT".... oh geez woman - give a foot off the ground a rest.

8:25 - Was that Nicole's boyfriend in the audience?  must be because he looked like he was going to get up & punch someone in the face...

8:30 - "... the most anticipated dance of the season - the FREE STYLE ROUND" - I agree Tom!  This can make or break a season for me, right here...

8:31 - "We're going to go for a contemporary, lyrical freestyle" - I feel like I'm watching So you Think you can Dance now... where's Mia Michael's when you need her?

8:31 - SHUT UP - I called that - there's Mandy Moore from SYTYCD!!!!

8:32 - "Alone" by Heart... that's already scoring a point for this 80's loving gal

8:32 - Wait... didnt they say this was the story of them?  And there's a bed & lingrie involved?  Just saying...

8:33 - there was some sorta leg flip, toss thing that I honestly had to rewind & watch again in slow motion

8:34 - Shot of Erin picking her underwear out of her butt....

8:35 - "It was a pyscho drama out there... you put your heart & soul out there & took a big risk doing contemporary"

8:36 - "That wasnt the bed we were practicing on" -Marks

8:36 - "OVERSHARING" - Tom

8:36 - Len gave an 8... other judges 9's... I personally LOVED they did something other then hip-hop for a free style.. Boo on the judges for those scores!  That flip alone should earn at least 9's - 10's

8:37 - "In 10 seasons, 'the bed I didnt rehearse on' is my favorite excuse EVER" - Tom

8:37 - "You're coming up with this cheeky stuff & its not going to compete with anyone" - Evan standing up to Anna on her thoughts on free style (GO EVAN!)

8:38 - "Its been proven who wins the free style wins the competition" - Anna is freaking OUT on her lack of skill with freestyle... I'm having flashbacks of the afros & disco she did with Jerry Rice... yeah, she has reason to be nervous

8:42 - a new choreographer, Bobby Newburg has been brought in to mesh the two's ideas...

8:43 - "Footloose"

8:45 - "You look like you were bitten by a tarunula" - Bruno

8:45 - "That was odd" - Carrie Ann

8:46 - There's Ali ... & I saw Jake in the room earlier... Vienna better watch out!

8:47 - 8, 8, 8 - I think Anna's face showed it all - she looked like she was going to puke...

8:51 - I aint gonna lie - I'm holding BIG expectations for Derek & Nicole's free style!!!!

8:52 - Nicole has on a tux?  you totally know its getting ripped off to reveal something next to nothing...

8:52 - "Little Less Conversatin" by Elvis... ummm.. OK

8:53 -... clothes ripped off....

8:55 - "This was the free style we waited for" - Carrie Ann.... I was expecting more... oh well...

8:57 - Add hating someone who does the splits UPSIDE DOWN... did we get splits in EVERY direction tonight?

So what did you think of the dances?  So the competition goes into tomorrow with two MORE dances?  HUH?  Oh well... I'm happy with any of the winners really... LOVE Evan, but dont care for Anna, & I LOVE Nicole & Derek, but think she's had an advantage... & LOVE that Erin is the least experienced in professional dancing... so I'll be happy with anyone really...

You going to be watching the Finale tomorrow night?  I'll be doing some TV flipping with Biggest Loser Finale, across from DWTS Finale, & THEN, add in Glee...

Dear TV People, cant you space some things out?  My DVR may explode with all the pausing & switching of channels.


  1. Love this... I usually have to read twitter to get this kind of minute by minute show info! Can't wait to watch tonight!

  2. You know, I look forward to the finals, but they are always somewhat of a let-down (kind of like the Lost finale).

    I've gotta say that I was not overly impressed with either of Erin's dances. I have grown to love contemporary (go Mandy Moore...she's one of my favs), but because Erin doesn't do this kind of dance, and because I'm used to seeing Mia Michaels twisting dancers' feet just so to get them angled right, I guess I was disappointed. Erin is not a pro, true, but still.

    Evan and Anna did fabulously tonight! I think most women are suckers for a waltz, and he executed it beautifully. Personally, I LOVED his freestyle. Took me back to Kevin Bacon and Footloose (what a classic movie!!!). I have no idea what dance the judges were watching, but they were all sour grapes. They got this all wrong. Poor Anna got a raw deal.

    Nicole, as usual, did fabulous, but I hope America threw the votes to Evan. I really need a t-shirt: Team Evan!!

    I am totally dreading tomorrow night and KG. Did you hear her comment about 90% of the viewers disliking her?

    Hmmm...she might be smarter than I thought!

    And ugh, but you've turned me against Vienna, Rebecca, and I don't even watch the Bachelor anymore! Dreading that too. Can't we just skip the blah blah and get to the results?

    Oh, and last week, what was up with Miley? Didn't she look angry at the world? Daddy should have put her in a cage a few years ago!

    :::Bad AuburnChick:::

  3. I say go Nicole I want her to win. It was a wild night of dancing. Right now it seems like all of the shows are ending at the same time and you can watch that many or the DVR goes wild.

    We just got into Glee and have it on the DVR.. It is pretty neat so far.. Did you watch Ali last night?

  4. I was bummed that Evan's freestyle tanked :-( I'd like to see him win.

  5. Haha I've never seen dancing with the stars but that was a brillian play by!!

    ps I hate ppl who can do the splits like that too... That and cartwheels... Why God? Why can't I do a cartwheel too!?

  6. LOVE IT!!!

    HAHAHA!!!! I don't even need to see the actual episode this is so much better :) lol

    I tried so hard not to cry but i couldn't help it...after the wedding the Coastie was like yeah " you cry and it hurts when you HAVE to tell me you love me..." HAHA he loves giving me a hard time!!!

  7. I haven't been watching this season, but bitten by a tarantula might be the funniest critique I've ever heard :))

  8. Holy cow..a total play by play. I just can't watch these show...they make me laugh too much!

  9. thanks for the reminder that biggest loser is on to night. i totally forgot. it's so sad to see all these finales. not sure what i'm going to do next :-)

  10. I will be watching the Biggest Loser finale tonight! Can't wait to see who wins. I'm pulling for Daris! Love your updates!!!

  11. You have way more patience than I do. That and a DVR too. LOL


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