Sunday, May 09, 2010

"Was that you that gasped?"

I know I havent had any pictures of this "baby" lately - she is the baby of our girls...

That's what happens when you're a 21 yr old college gal - she has a life on her own now & we dont get to see her anywhere like we used too. Wasnt she just 4 yrs old the other day?

Lindsay has always had a love for acting & has been in many plays since middle school.  Now, she majors in college in "Theater Management"... so she's now in a beautiful theater in her college & she's just getting better with each performance.  When she's accepting her Oscar on the Academy Awards one day, you can all say you saw her here first...

(This is right after the play with her daddy)

This play she was in was called "Vanities" - & it only had 3 character in the WHOLE play... it was the story of 3 girls who grew up together.  3 scenes - when they were cheerleaders in high school in the late 60's - then when they were in college in the 70's & then as they were adults in the late 70's...

It showed how they all grew into different lifestyles with different values - different people from the good ole high school really was a sad ending, making you kinda long for the good ole innocent days.

The scene when they were seniors in college - they were talking about the "hippies" & the Vietnam War & the Godspell album & how "cool" it was... Then all of a sudden, Lindsay has a line that just takes me to the scene in "A Christmas Story" - it was like everything went in slow motion as she opened up her mouth & the word, "FFFFUUUUUUUDDDDGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE' came out of her mouth...

Yeah - only she didnt say "Fudge"...

As Ralphie says: Only I didn't say "fudge." I said the word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the F-dash-dash-dash word!

And when she did - I gasped... not just a gasp - but the LOUDEST gasp you could imagine... the kinda gasp that people stopped & turned & looked at me... I instantly covered my mouth & then had to stiffle a laugh because I couldnt believe the natural reaction I had.

At the end of the play, when we could finally go see Lindsay - she walked right over to me & the first thing she said to me was "Was that you that gasped?"... I started laughing & told her yes!!!  She said she could hear it on stage & she just KNEW it was me....

I had to laugh at my reaction - I had to laugh that she KNEW it was me ....

But I thought driving home that night, how many times do we do things that we know our Heavenly Father would almost GASP at...... not that He's surprised, but that He'd rather us not do that "thing" - that He hates it for US - that He would want us to to make a different choice....

And just like Lindsay knew me & her dad wouldnt appreciate that - she knew we'd still love her, still see the wonderful job she did in the play in the whole, not just focus on the one thing that we may have frowned down on ...

I'm thankful that God still loves us no matter what....

And can you IMAGINE the bar of soap God could put in a mouth? 


  1. You have an uncanny ability to relate every day life to the spiritual. I'm never disappointed when I visit here.

  2. I highly agree with Amy!!! Love how you can apply the practical things of everyday life to our walk with God!! Love you!

  3. Loved both of your reactions - the gasp and then the thoughtful "how does God look at us?" I've got my college daughter returning home on Wednesday for the summer and I tend to preach a few sermons that I'll later regret. This was a gentle reminder to let her be 20 and remember I was once there too.

  4. This was just an interesting post, I really enjoyed it!

  5. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I love your heart Miss Rebecca Jo! :)

  6. I love how you pull out spiritual lessons from everyday life!

    I'm afraid I have caused God quite a few gasps in my life.....I am thankful that He loves me no matter what!

  7. Love this. I would have gasped too, but I love how you focused on the analogy {as always} and learned from it. Good stuff girl!

  8. That is too funny that she heard you...and knew it was you.

    And, the analogy at the very true!

  9. i'm pretty sure i wouldn't want to see that bar of soap!! haha

    your daughter is beautiful! i'm sure she is an amazing actress. and i'm also sure she appreciates you not focusing on the one thing you would frown upon but focus on how great she did. my family? they would have focused on how i shouldn't have said it!

  10. That's really funny that she not only heard the gasp, but totally knew it came from you. I would have gasped too, no question!


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