Monday, May 03, 2010

lighting up my life....

We start off the night knocking Jake in the head with a virtual rose... I dont want to think what they are going to use when Pam gets knocked off...but we have two dances again tonight - one being a team dance.  You know everyone is wishing Nicole is on their team...

Warning - I'm editing Grandbaby pictures while watching - so this could be a train wreck of a recap... dont say I didnt tell you.

Staring off with Erin & Maks - so much drama with stripping off the clothes.  For some reason, Maks is wanting to turn into a Chippendale dancer & strip again while doing the Quick Step.  I just see a rebel without a cause here.  Hope it doesnt bite Erin in the butt... but the "stripping" involved turning a suit inside out & blinding the heck out of me... no man should EVER wear a bright red suit... my eyes... I cant even tell you how the dance went because I was too busy looking for my sunglasses....

Chad & Cheryl - They got to call in Tony to help... its good to see Tony since Kate left... to see he hasnt lost his mind & didnt give up dancing completely after that...I just dont think Chad is that good & am truly surprised he's made it that far.  This dance, I think Cheryl did all the dancing & he just kinda stood there...but the judges always love him... I dont get it.  And again, I'm distracted by the costumes.  Its a couple sheer-fest... all white, with tons of sheer... & all I could think is, this is what I imagine they would both wear if they got married to each other... Today is Cheryl's birthday & he has given her a diamond necklace that sorta reminds me of the Heart of the Ocean from Titantic... geez... dude is spending the bucks on diamonds for Cheryl!  He needs to win the mirror ball so he can encrust it in diamonds & give THAT to her...

Nicole & Derek - "You Light up my Life".... Funny story - that is the first song I knew the whole song KINDERGARDEN... Seriously!  I would sing this all the time.  Debbie Boone - my hero! ... back to the dancing.  Nicole looked like ROYALTY - beautiful - stunning! And the waltz is dedicated to her aunt who has Down Sydrome & that was so special she was there to see the dance.  The judges are picking on small mistakes, but for the normal person (me! - no comments on the normal part) I thought it was beautiful... & the spin at the end just made me think of a true Princess at the Ball...

Pamela & Damian - We learn that Pam needs to clean animal poop in order to feel in the mood to dance... um, OK...I thought the white chair would be out in the middle of the animal cages... For the record, we did get to see this white chair again in the interview..this white chair is the bain of my existence!!!....They had some sorta waltz too & I think it was bad following Nicole... but once again, I think she's just flimsy.  It even looked like she couldnt even hold her head up straight... I didnt feel this dance at all - but I will say, she looked naturally beautiful tonight.

Niecy & Louis - I saw on Twitter that poor Louie has been suffering from food poisoning... I can see why - I guess all the practices involve food with Niecy!  But he looks all healed up & ready for the Quick Step.  I loved the dance - love everything about her - always!  I love her mom sitting on the side praying for her too - & it looks like it paid off, because everyone loved the dance!  WHOO HOO!!! Go Niecy!...Her reaction when she got a 9 was awesome!  "I can dance!!!!" - this lady is just so fun!

Evan & Anna - Poor Evan is still upset about the poor scores last week... its the stupid judges Evan - you were WONDERFUL!  This week, they have the Argentine Tango... & I think I said last week that Donnie was my favorite... OH SNAP - I think I may have a new favorite doing the Argentine Tango!  He looked like a movie star!  I just sat speechless watching this... & am actually going to rewind & watch again...
AAA-MMMMM-AAAAA-ZZZZ-IIINNNGGGG!!!! Go Evan!!!  The first perfect score of the year!!!!

the Cha Cha Challenge happened... Nicole nailed it for her team... Erin seemed to nail it for her team... Nothing that really took my breath, as mentioned before, at this point of the show, I'm in awe of little blue eyed boys while I'm editing pictures...

So who do you think will go this week?  Pam or Niecy?  I'm keeping fingers crossed for either Pam or Chad. to hit the dancing trail...Dont you love a girl who screams "I got to show my jiggly parts!!" & be HAPPY about it... I think some of my jiggly parts were out when I was running today... yeah, happiness was NOT on MY face at that moment....

Let's talk some dance....

AND... yes - be prepared... I've edited about 265 pictures of the grandbabies.... How I'm going to narrow it down will be a challenge... you all may have to just deal with all 265 pictures!!!


  1. I loved your recap and now will enjoy watching the show with your thoughts in my head. LOL

    I remember singing You Light Up My Life as a kid too. Although, I'm still pretty sure Elton John's Crocodile Rock was the first song I could sing all the words to by heart.

  2. Good recap. I hated that silly white suit too. Don't get it. But I did sense he wasn't too fond of Cheryl's comment about the knecklace...hmmm

  3. Yet another FANTASTIC recap! I'm pulling for Derek and Nicole all the way. They just have that pizazz! What'd I'd give to be right out there with them! Gosh...that looks like such FUN!

  4. Do it, just post all 265 of them! LOL

    I have yet to see this episode, I must watch it tonight on the good old dvr!

    (I can't believe you knew all the words when you were just in kindergarten!!)

  5. Well, I couldn't make myself stay up to read this last night, and I've been giving AP exams this week, so I'm tired.

    Still, I'll give my comments...

    Erin and Maks - you know Maks always wants his clothes off. He's dating Erin. Duh! I think it was all bogus smoke to get our attention. The dance was okay. Nothing thrilling.

    Chad and Cheryl - I think he is getting better, but this puppy love thing he has for Cheryl is starting to make me sick. Take that money and donate to a worthy cause, my friend! Yikes!

    Nicole and Derek - She looked gorgeous, but I think I saw the mistakes the judges noticed. I mean, she dances for a living! She should be used to these critiques by now. But, the dance was lovely..exactly what little girls dream of. Derek was a prince!

    Pamela and Damian - Loved the song, but her dancing left me wanting more. She did look aloof, sad to say, cause she can actually dance. I love the charity work she does. Makes her seem more down-to-earth.

    Niecy and Louis - Love her and the lightheartedness she brings to the show. Love the way Louis always supports his stars. Wonderful, fun dance!

    Evan and Anna - Oh Hunky Man! Did he not remind you of a character from a movie of old? The way he takes criticism and improves himself is a testament as to why he is an Olympic gold medalist! Anna is doing an incredible job with him!

    Team Dances - Not my favorite. Team Ga Ga did the best, IMHO, but these team dances never really thrill me.

    Having watched the results show, I am ok with the viewers' votes. It was time for Pamela to go.

    Have fun editing your pictures!! Look forward to seeing them!


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