Saturday, April 04, 2009

Prom Night

Its prom time!!!! And yes, all our girls are grown & out of high school - but yipee, cuz I get so blessed by the girls in the youth group.... I got to have fun with prom night with one of them. Erica & I got to go over & see Miss Carly getting ready .... & what a beautiful Prom Princess she turned out to be!!!!

Look at this beauty! She's bringing back the 70's with this unique dress.... totally FUNKY!

And here are her friends before they headed out for the evening! We were teasing them saying they had to have the Obligation Prom Picture which is standing in front of a tree or bush... mission accomplished!

And because I love her mom too, I got to hang out with them & we drove them out to dinner & to the prom. Lynn & I went with the intentions of sitting at our own table - who would want to sit with us? Apparently three beautiful young ladies did - so we got to enjoy dinner together - & its just so fun to listen to young ladies sit & talk & giggle & laugh... sounds like happiness to my ears....

Here are me & Carly before she's ready to go in & dance the night away!

And because Lynn & I just weren't going to go straight home - we headed out shopping for some baby gifts. Target - we came, we saw, we conquered!!!

And Lynn found this little pan... how cute is this? I had to take a picture just because I love little things... she had to hold up another size to show the difference.... I want it.... but I dont cook, not even one egg... nope, not even one egg... but it was cute!

Thanks ladies for letting me hang out today!!!


  1. Aw, prom time is so fun! I hope they had an absolute blast. I'm glad you got to share it with them!

  2. Awww, how fun and how cute is that little pan, haha!!!

  3. Love love LOVE the 70's look! How cute is she?? All the girls look beautiful. Glad to see prom dresses looking more like dresses again & less like stripper outfits.
    Looks like everyone had a great evening - you included!!

  4. Ok, I remember you saying you aren't a mother. You have so many children you know that? Look at these girls! They love you, I don't care what you say, You. Are. A. Mom.

  5. Thanks friend for going with me and adding a little "adult" conversation... yes... I did say "a little"!!! It was fun, wasn't it? All that giggling... all the cuteness... lovely ladies growing up way too fast!

  6. Oh that's awesome! I LOVE prom season! I always have, since I was a little girl and would see neighborhood kids outside doing prom pics, I have always been entranced by the dresses! Beautiful girls and dresses! Love it!

  7. Sounds like everyone had a great evening.

    I have a little pan just like that.

  8. Hi Rebecca,

    I feel like I've been slacking in the comment department so I wanted to say hi!! Looks like you had fun last night!! How neat you got to spend time with the girls on their prom night. I am sure they will remember it forever!!

    Hope you're doing well!! I look forward to your Dancing with the Stars report tomorrow!! Hee!!

  9. aw dont you love having "adopted kids" :-) it's so fun!

  10. Oh my goodness. Please tell me how you do it. Do you step children live with you? I am step mom to 3 children also. 2 girls 1 boy. They lived with us for 4 years then mom took my hubby to court and now they live with her. We all now have joint custody. She can't share the children. We constantly have discord and non-communication, (her choice) I often find my sanity slipping. Oh how I love these children, but I get so ughhh@!!

    I also have 2 cats and 2 wonderful nieces.

    What a beautiful dress your daughter has on. Take care--Renee

  11. Oooh fun fun fun! What a great dress she picked, I always love when someone thinks outside the box!

  12. I loved her dress and that they wanted you to sit at their table. These are awesome girls!!

  13. Beatiful girls! I love the unique style of that dress!

  14. How fun!!!

    The girls all look great!!

  15. I love that funky dress! So cute!

  16. I"m glad everyone loved my dress as much as i do!! Thanks again for going with us!! We had a really goos time at the resturaunt!! Alexis and i even found a Tree at the prom and took a pic next to it!!

  17. Omgosh, she looks darling. I was at the mall over the weekend and I was surprised to see all the 70's styles back in! Love it!

  18. What beautiful girls!

    And is it seriously prom time already? Jeez Louise!

    Hahaha My mom saw one of those little pans somewhere and HAD to HAVE IT. I think she uses it almost every day, too.


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